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urinary bladder

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Q: A Foley catheter is inserted into this organ for drainage?
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Can a urinary tract infection be the cause of death in a person who does not have a catheter inserted?

YES it all depends on the virulence of the organism and the patient's immune status.we have seen many diabetic patient dying due to sepsis with muti organ failure secondary to uti

How much of the male organ should be inserted inside female ideally?

all of it, lol

Why is it beneficial to create bladder drainage during a pancreas transplantation?

The transplant can also be done creating bladder drainage. Bladder drainage makes it easier to monitor organ rejection because pancreatic secretions can be measured in the patient's urine.

What is a barrel organ?

A barrel organ is a musical instrument in which air from a bellows is admitted to a set of pipes via means of pins inserted into a revolving barrel.

When a snake or lizards tongue is draw back into the mouth it is inserted into a structure called the?

Jacobson's Organ

Where is the suprahilar area located?

The suprahilar area is located above the hilum of an organ, such as the kidney or lung. This region is important for the drainage of blood vessels and ducts from the organ.

What is the difference between selective and nonselective catheter placement?

Selective catheter placement involves guiding a catheter to a specific target area within the body, such as a particular blood vessel or organ. Nonselective catheter placement, on the other hand, does not have a specific target and may involve placing a catheter in a more general location within the body, such as a vein or artery. Selective placement is often used for targeted procedures, while nonselective placement may be used for more general purposes like fluid administration or monitoring.

What are the risks of Abscess Incision and Drainage?

Occasionally, an abscess within a vital organ (such as the brain) damages enough surrounding tissue that there is some permanent loss of normal function. Other risks include incomplete drainage and prolonged infection

Why are certain hardware that come together named after your male and female parts?

I do not know of any named after the 'parts.' However, I do know some are referred to as 'male,' and some are 'female.' The reason is the male cable/etc. is inserted into the female cable/etc. Much like how in biology the male reproductive organ is inserted into the female reproductive organ.

Which Organ is without lymphatic drainage?

The central nervous system does not have a lymphatic system for drainage. This is due to the presence of the blood-brain barrier, which restricts the movement of substances between the blood and the brain tissue, including lymphatic fluid.

What is the purpose of the Jacobson's organ in snakes?

Jacobson's organ in snakes is a chemosensory organ located in the roof of their mouth. It helps snakes detect and analyze chemical substances in their environment by flicking their tongues to collect samples and transferring them to the organ. This allows snakes to effectively locate prey, mates, and navigate their surroundings.

What kind of a device is a pessary?

A pessary is a device commonly used in the medical field. A pessary is inserted into the woman's sex organ in order to deliver something or to support it. There exists various types of pessaries.