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I think its Charmless Man - Blur

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Q: 90s sounding indie rock song. The intro and chorus goes 'nana nana nana nana nana nana nana'. It's sung and guitars play a scale What song is this?
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What is the verse before the chorus?

The Intro

What are the parts of a song?

Intro,verse,chorus,verse,chorus,bridge,outro. Sometimes there is a chorus before the outro.

What is the song pattern?

Pop song structure is (intro) Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge chorus (outro)

What is the structure of the song grace?

Intro, Verse, pre-chorus, chorus, link, pre-chorus, Chorus, Mid, Link, Verse then outro

Is stronger a song that follows the pop song formula of intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus?

Yes, both Stronger by Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson follows it (if you count the instrumental for Kelly Clarkson's song as intro)

What is that modern song with the circus sounding intro?

pack up by Eliza Doolittle

What is that war song with bagpipes intro it has a name sounding like colgrun?

Sgt. Mackenzie

What is the basic structure of a song?

One of the most common strustures of any song is Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus. Some songs also have an intro and outro at the start and end, respectivly.

Why is Damien Sandow allowed to use The Hallelujah Course for his intro music?

I have no idea, but it's the Hallelujah Chorus, not Couse. Hello?

What is the name of the Hip-hop song with a short flute intro The chorus talks about swinging in the south and that's how we do it in the south?

the south by cunninlynguists

What are the guitar and bass tabs to 17 by short stack?

This is only the intro for the guitar part: e------------------------11-----8-| B----------------9----------------| G---------------------------------| D---------------------------------| A---------------------------------| E---------------------------------| And here is the base part: (10 - 32secs) Intro/Chorus/Outro G---------------------------------| D---------------------------------| A------------------------33333333-| E-33333333222222200000000---------| (32 - 1.02) Verse We've Become Nothing At All... G--------------------| D--------------------| A-----------3h-------| E--3h-2h-0h----------| (1.05 - 1.26) Intro/Chorus/Outro G----------------------------------| D----------------------------------| A------------------------33333333--|h E-33333333222222200000000----------| (1.37 - 1.56) Verse And Everything That I Said... G--------------------| D--------------------| A-----------3h-------| E--3h-2h-0h----------| (1.56 - 2.00) Pre-Chorus G-------------| D-------------| A---33-33-3h3-| E-------------| (2.02 - 2.22) Intro/Chorus/Outro G---------------------------------| D---------------------------------| A------------------------33333333-| E-33333333222222200000000---------| (2.22 - 2.45 Solo G---------------------------------| D---------------------------------| A------------------------33333333-| E-33333333222222200000000---------| (3.03 - 3.08 Pre-Chorus G-------------| D-------------| A---33-33-3h3-| E-------------| (3.08 - 4.10 Intro/Chorus/Outro G---------------------------------| D---------------------------------| A------------------------33333333-| E-33333333222222200000000---------| Hope this helped you out.

How do you construct a song?

I think your typical construction of a song goes like this: Intro Verse 1 Pre-chorus Chorus Verse 2 Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge Chorus Outro I'll explain a bit about each: The intro speaks for itself. It's the way of introducing the song and begin the first verse. This doesn't have to be too fancy or anything but it is what the listeners are going to be hearing first obviously, so you may want to think about how the song is going to start, and how you can use that sound to draw your audience in. Verses are very important sections of the song. They break the song down and help the listener(s) understand the story of the song. You tend to write the problem in the verses and then the solution in the chorus. The pre-chorus is, well, obviously the bit just before the chorus. Some people can know what a verse, intro, chorus, guitar riff etc. is but not know what a pre-chorus is. Basically it is the transition from the verse to the chorus. It helps the song change tempo, style etc. that the verse brings to match the right tempo, style etc. that the chorus brings. Pre-choruses are not that long, nor that important, so not including it in your song won't be a tragic. A bridge is just a break between songs. You normally get one break in every song. You will find a break in nearly every song after the chorus is repeated the second time. The break plays a bigger role than some people might think. I say this because breaks help to lengthen the song, it helps to depart the current style, tempo, sound etc. of the chorus and verse and move to a slightly different sound. I suggest listening to alternative, rock, indie etc. bands as they will have this layout. After the second chorus listen out for a change in the sound. That is the bridge. The outro, again, speaks for itself. It is a way of finishing the song, or wrapping up the story you could say.