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Apparently you have had sex with your husband's son. That's not incest, but you do realize that the husband will not be pleased to learn that he's been sleeping with the same woman that his son has, don't you?

And this son - he already knows, and apparently does not mind that his dad was with you first, and no doubt during and after.

And you, being with both of these men, one who innocently trusted you, the other who you had a vague responsibility to look out for, not lead into harm.

What next? I think you stop cheating on your husband, and confess and ask forgiveness. Be prepared for him not to accept it, and for him to wish a divorce. If he keeps you, love him forever, for he would truly be a kind and forgiving man.

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Q: 38 year old Wife cheated with 24 year old step son What is next?
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