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The initials after your name on gaining a qualification are more correctly known as post-nominals or post-nominal letters. The specific post-nominal depends on the degree. For example, if it is a masters in science it would be M.S. (US) and M.Sc / MSc (UK, Europe and commonwealth countries). If it is a masters of arts, it would be an M. A. (or MA in the UK).

However, there are many more possibilities depending on the degree and speciality, including the MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and MRes (Master of Research) qualifications which are based around an original research topic as opposed to a taught masters degree program and usually take 2 years as opposed to the 1 year taught courses.

Also in British universities it is common to be able to study an undergraduate science or engineering specific subject for 4 years (instead of the normal 3) and gain a masters (hons) degree (which has the same criteria for qualification as other post graduate masters degrees, but is studied without the award of a bachelors degree and as such counts as a first degree and therefore not as a postgraduate qualification). E.g. MPhys, MGeol, MChem or MEng (Master of Physics, Geology, Chemistry and Engineering respectively) amongst others...

For a more exhaustive list of (British) academic post-nominals please see the related links.

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Q: What would your initials be if you had a master's degree?
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