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HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a static language. We can use HTML to create static web pages but we need java to make it dynamic.

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2009-04-08 02:53:53
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Q: What is the relationship between Java and HTML?
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What is relation between java applet and HTML?

Java Applet and HTML has some things in common. The most important being that they both create UI's.

How can you use JAVA with HTML?

No you cant since Java is like Flash and HTML code does not appreciete Java.

Coding for creating HTML editor using java applet?

<html> <body> java applets</body></html>

How do you give connection between HTML and java servlet?

You cannot. HTML is a static file and it cannot interact with a Java Servlet. A Servlet can always redirect to a HTML page but the other way round cannot happen.

What is the basic difference between java application and java applet?

A java applet can be viewed using appletviewer or an html file and there is no specific need of java if vieweing in HTML. A java application on the other hand can be created into a .jar file and can be used to view on different platforms with the presence of basic java

Why is important to learn HTML before learning JAVA?

It is not necessary to learn HTML before learning Java. Java is a complete computer programming language. The only reason you would need to know HTML with Java is if you wanted to use Java to generate webpages, or you wanted to create Java applets that you would then embed into webpages using HTML.

Do you have experience in Java or HTML?

I have some experience in HTML but not JavaScript.

What is HTML and how can use in java applications?

HTML is a markup language for the Web. It could be used to create Java applications for the web.

How do you convert HTML to pdf in java?

html to pdf is a good choice for you to convert html to pdf.

What does it mean to do HTML submit?

HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. The tag is used for various javascripts and Java programs. HTML submit is a form of a script in Java programming.

What is the fullform of REL in HTML?

The REL attribute in HTML is a shortened version of "relationship." REL attributes are used to define the relationship between one file and another.

How do you connect Java Program into the webpages using HTML?

Java Program could be embedded into a HTML code. This can be done by making the code into a JSP page.

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