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Throw is used to actually throw the exception, whereas throws is declarative for the method. They are not interchangeable.

public void myMethod(int param) throws MyException


if (param < 10)


throw new MyException("Too low!);


//Blah, Blah, Blah...

} The Throw clause can be used in any part of code where you feel a specific exception needs to be thrown to the calling method.

If a method is throwing an exception, it should either be surrounded by a try catch block to catch it or that method should have the throws clause in its signature. Without the throws clause in the signature the Java compiler does not know what to do with the exception. The throws clause tells the compiler that this particular exception would be handled by the calling method.

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2008-12-09 14:28:04
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Q: What is the difference between throw and throws in Java?
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