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Strong number:-

The sum of the factorials of digits of a number is equal to the original number.

Ex: n=145=> 1! + 4! + 5! = 1 + 24 + 120 = 145

so it is strong number.

Armstrong number:-

The sum of the cubes of digits of a number is equal to the original number.

Ex: n=153 => 13 + 53 +33 = 1+125+27= 153

so 153 is arm strong number.

C program for strong numbers



void main()


int sof=0,n,dn,ctr,prod,rem;

printf("Enter the number\n");

















printf("The number entered is strong number");




printf("The number entered is not a strong number");



C program for amstrong numbers



void main()


int dn,rem,sum,n;

printf("Enter the number:");




printf("Amstrong number");


printf("Not a amstrong number");


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Q: What is strong number n Armstrong number in C language?
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What does Armstrong mean in C programming?

Armstrong number means 153=(1^3)+(5^3)+(3^3)

Program in c to find whether number is a Armstrong or strong number?

#include &lt;stdio.h&gt; #include &lt;math.h&gt; void main() { int number, sum = 0, rem = 0, cube = 0, temp; printf ("enter a number"); scanf("%d", &amp;number); temp = number; while (number != 0) { rem = number % 10; cube = pow(rem, 3); sum = sum + cube; number = number / 10; } if (sum == temp) printf ("The given no is armstrong no"); else printf ("The given no is not a armstrong no"); }

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#include&lt;stdio.h&gt; #include&lt;conio.h&gt; #include&lt;math.h&gt; int armstrong(int num) { int i,c=0,arm=0; int ar[100]; for(i=0;i&lt;100;i++) { ar[i]=0; } while(num&gt;0) { ar[c]=num%10; c++; num/=10; } for(i=1;i&lt;c;i++) { arm+=pow(ar[i],3); } return arm; } void main() { clrscr(); int n,a=0; printf("\n Enter the number: "); scanf("%d",&amp;n); a=armstrong(n); printf("\n The number %d is",n); if(n==a) printf(" armstrong number"); else printf(" not an armstrong number"); getch(); }

How do you print number in digits in c language?

with printf

What is the Aram strong number in c plus plus?

If the sum of squares of digits of a number equals to the number itself, then that number is called an aram strong number.

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how to write a programm to add number like123 in c language

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