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Dynamic current is a reference to an electrical current that is active. Dynamic electrical current can be dangerous and result in an electrical shock.

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Q: What is dynamic current?
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What is electricity that flows?

dynamic electricity or electric current

What are the kinds of electricity?

heated static dynamic current and K1 electricity

What is dynamic website?

Dynamic website refers to a site that has elements that can change. A website that displays the current date and time when you view it is dynamic, as opposed to a static website that always has the same exact content.

Are Conditional formats dynamic so that a cell's appearance will change to reflect its current value?

Yes they are.

What is the difference between a whirlpool and sinkhole?

A whirlpool is a dynamic current in water, a sinkhole is a hole in the ground.

What is difference between static and dynamic electricity?

static electricity there is no flow of electrons and it is a result of imbalance of positive and negative charges only.while dynamic electricity , the flow of electrons can be either in a single direction(direct current),or it can be changing directions repeteadly (alternating current)..!

What are the two kinds electricity?

Static and Current Electricity (I've also heard of Dynamic, but I think it's synonomous for Current) There are also two types of electric current: AC (Alternating) and DC (Direct)

Does Windows XP dynamic updates download service pack?

I think about situation, when you install Windows from your current OS.

What type of IP address is assigned for the current connection only?

That is a dynamic ip address. It is for the current connection only because it can change the next time an ip is assigned.

Why the dynamic resistance of a zener diode different from its static resistance?

The dynamic resistance of a diode, be it zener or otherwise, will be different from its static resistance because a diode is not a resistor, and resistance is not a function of current flow. It is a diode, and a diode has its own characteristic voltage to current curve, forward and, in the case of a zener, reverse.

Difference between static and dynamic charercteristic of motor?

I think you are talking about the study of the electrical system for motor starting in ETAP (or any such software). Here are the answers:1. When do we use Static and Dynamic motor starting?If you know the Motor torque characteristics, Load torque characteristics and the inertia information of the motors, bearings and loads, you can do the Dynamic motor starting study. Otherwise, do the Static motor starting study - it simply needs the starting time and the locked rotor current of the motor.2. What is the difference between the two?(1) The Dynamic motor starting develops the motor starting current characteristics based on the motor starting torque, load torque and the inertia, while the starting current remains flat at locked rotor current during the starting time for Static acceleration. (See the previous posting , comment # 2 for detail how the starting time is calculated for Dynamic acceleration).(2) Dynamic starting acceleration requires additional data than the Static acceleration.(3) The Dynamic acceleration calculates the acceleration time and current from the input data, while the Static acceleration assumes you know the starting time and current.(4) For Dynamic acceleration, the starting current is not 100% flat during the starting time, but in Static acceleration it is flat.(5) Static acceleration is simple, Dynamic acceleration is rather complicated.3. Can we evaluate the system using Static only not dynamic?Yes. Make sure you have the correct information for motor locked rotor current and the stating time for the load.Go the ETAP tutorial site ( and see the tutorial #12 (Dynamic Acceleration) and #13 (Static acceleration).curtesy msamd

How would you differentiate dynamic scheduling and dynamic inventory?

How would you differentiate dynamic scheduling and dynamic inventory? How would you differentiate dynamic scheduling and dynamic inventory?

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