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Diesel direct injection system is the latest technology in diesel engine. In this technology multi step injection is done due to this technology engine produce less noise & less vibration.

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Q: What is DDIS technology?
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What is ddis technology in maruti cars?

DDIS means Direct Diesel Injection system which are used in diesel engines. It's similar to VVT (variable Valve timing) which are used in petrol engines.

What is fullform of ddis?

Direct Diesel Injection System

What is the full form of DDIS?

Distance Diagnostic and Identification System

What is fullform of vvt ddis?

V V T means variable valve timing which are used in petrol engines and other is DDiS means Directs Diesel Injection System which are used in Diesel Engine

What is the egine life of 1.3 multi-jet DDiS diesel engine?


Is there a 1.5 ddis suzuki jimny in a right hand drive version available in the UK?

No, the best you could do is import a left hand drive one if you require the diesel that much.

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