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  1. Download visual studio (Or the Free Version: MS Visual Basic 2010 Express) from the Microsoft development network website.
  2. Install the program to your computer.
  3. Open the program.
  4. Go to File > New Project.

Then develop your code (You may wish to consult additional material on the development network if you are unfamiliar to the language)

When you have finished developing your code, go to Build > Publish Project to generate an executable installation file you can distribute to other computers.

Note: There are related links to the MS VB 2010 Express download site, along with a link to a series of visual basic tutorial videos attached to this answer (See below).

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The project file is the file that contains everything visual basic needs to save and run your program.

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Q: What are the visual basic project file?
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What are visual basic project files?

The project file is the file that contains everything visual basic needs to save and run your program.

Where i found A project on fee management written in visual basic?

visual basic

Sample documentation in visual basic project?

doccumentation in visual basic 6.0

How do you run the net programs?

To debug well visual basic is running simple click debug.. To make a .exe file to use later when visual basic is not running go to Build >> Build Solution Now in your debug folder for your project you will have a .exe ("Application") file to run at any time...

How do you open a project in Microsoft visual studio 2008?

Making sure that it is a 2008 project or earlier you go to open project then find the file on your computer. Double click it an d it will open (if it is older then 2008 it will ask for you to convert it first)

What is the purpose of visual basic in project?

Programming, of course.

Can visual basic 5.0 open a visual basic 6.0 project?

sorry to dissapoint you but 5 is an older version so no

What is the extension name of Visual Basic file?


Can Visual Basic 6.0 open a Visual Basic 5.0 project?

No, you will need to create a new project and add the code files to the new project. Yes, but you made need to make some changes to the code

How do you publish you visual basic 2008 programs on the internet?

how can i summit a solution project using visual basic 2008 through the internet

Need help with visual basic 6 project. Simple for those who know visual basic 6?

Yes, a project requiring the knowledge of Visual Basic 6 is likely to be much easier for a person who knows VB6 better than for a person who does not. This holds true for any program, though.

What is the difference between projects and form in Visual Basic 6?

a project in visual basic is a collection of different objects like forms. it is saved with an extension of .vbp. A form in visual basic displays various controls that provide the user interface. it is saved with an extension of .frm.