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Both of them serve for somewhat similar purpose ie storing Although in a different way. ROM /BIOS (BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEM ) Both of them have flat shape . RAM (Random Access Memory) can be modified. ROM ( Read only memory) is just that, Read only. Both are "chip" based memory, but only RAM can me modified.

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Mm they are both storeg device

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Q: What are the similarities between RAM and ROM?
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Similarities between ram and rom?

There are none as RAM allows random write access while ROM only allows read access (the very reason why it's called ROM because it stands for Read-Only Memory).

What differenc between ROM and RAm?

ROM isn't erased when you turn the power off, whereas RAM is.

Difference between RAM nd RAM?

Do you mean the difference between RAM and ROM? If that is what you meant then ROM is what is used to read discs that are put into the computer, but RAM is used to temporarily hold memory from desktop and web based applications.

What are the similarities between ROM and EPROM?

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What similarities exist between ROM and a secondary computer?

None whatsoever.

Ferroelectric ram as both ram and rom?

only rom

What is the differerence between a ram and a rom?

RAM is random access memory, it stores data temporaraly , ROM - keeps data permenently and cannot be removed, only read

What is the difference between flash ram and flash rom?

Flash RAM is used for temporary data, such as in a USB drive. Flash ROM is used for bios and system files.

What is the difference between RAM aand ROM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) can have some of your own information saved to it. Read-Only Memory (ROM) cannot have any information saved to it as it has its own information. For example: CD - ROM

Why are RAM and ROM software?

ram is random access memory and ROM is read only memory

Where is boot program stored in RAM or RoM?


What is do the acronyms RAM and Rom mean?

RAM - Random Access Memory ROM - Read Only Memory