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Here is a simple HTML website:


<title>My first website<title>


<body bgcolor=0033FF>

<font color=00CCFF>

<h1>My website</h1>




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The basic requirements to use HTML are:

1. A Web browser like Mozilla or internet Explorer that you can use to view your HTML pages

2. A text editor like notepad, textpad or edit plus etc to create your HTML documents

3. Basic understanding of the HTML tags

If you have the above 3 things, you can go ahead and create your own web pages.

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Q: What are the required elements for a simple HTML document?
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What are the elements of an HTML document?

The elements of an HTML document are:HEADTITLEBODY

What are the important elements of an HTML Document?

The important elements of an HTML document are:HeadTitleBody

Which is required to create an HTML document?

Any text editor can be used to create an HTML document.

Differentiate HTML tag from an HTML documents?

HTML tags are used to delimit HTML elements inside an HTML document.

What are the basic elements of HTML document?

HTML head title /title meta style /style /head body /body /HTML

What are the two main elements of HTML?

The two main child elements of an HTML document are HEAD and BODY. To make the document pass spec, you also need to include the TITLE tag in the HEAD section.

Which elements are mandatory in an XHTML document?

doctype, html,head, body, and title

What is the head tag in HTML document?

The &lt;head&gt; at the beginning of an HTML document comes between &lt;html&gt; and &lt;body&gt;. It is a container that includes information that relates to the entire document. You can include the following tags in the &lt;head&gt; tag: &lt;title&gt; (required in an HTML document), &lt;style&gt;, &lt;base&gt;, &lt;link&gt;, &lt;meta&gt;, &lt;script&gt;, and &lt;noscript&gt;.

Why the elements are necessary for simple HTML?

The absolute essential tags are &lt;html&gt;&lt;body&gt;Hello World&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;. Other tags are not required, but certainly add significant value to the format of the page and the ability for search engines to index your site.

Why is a documents style important in HTML?

A document's style is important in HTML very much. It makes it differ from other elements in the page.

Is required to start new paragraph HTML document?

In an HTML document, to start a new paragraph, the &lt;p&gt; tag is used. Here p stands for paragraph and will start a new para.

Which tag starts a HTML document?

HTML document starts by &lt;html&gt; tag and ends with &lt;/html&gt; tag.

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