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what are the disadvantages of art

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of art education?
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Advantage। Of present। Education। System

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Advantages: Easy to access is cheap and free loads of clip art pictures Disadvantages: limited to the variety copyright could apply the quality could be varied - poor/cartoony

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Skilled: Advantages- Better pay , better education , gain experience

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Advantages of food service work could be that it is an easy job that does not require much education. Disadvantages are that they do not pay well and that you can be easily replaced.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of African traditional education?

The advantages of African traditional education include passing on of essential values from the community as well as defining the roles of both boys and girls distinctly. As for the disadvantages, the education was limited to the African culture and this is quite limiting in some ways for the students.

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advantages: they are willing to fight and the usually have better education disadvantages: there is a smaller amount ofsoldiers, which is fine in peacetime, but when there is a war going on, it can hurt its army.

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There are many advantages of privatization of education including being able to supply children with more individual care. One disadvantage is that it is not available to everyone.

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Advantages :to have a better lifeincrease your skills and fertilize your brains.getting paid for better jobsto be succesful in life

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