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45 rpm record automatic street lights polaroid camera

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Q: What are some famous inventions form 1949?
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What are some famous inventions from Fiji?

the poo

What were some of the famous inventions from 1918?

Browning automatic rifle

What were some famous inventions in the 70's?

VCR Players,

What are some of indias famous inventions?

indians invented zero.

What were some of Ezra j warner's famous inventions?

the can opener

What are some of his most famous inventions?

The telephone, the lightbulb, the cotton gin.

What are some famous inventions in 1810-1819?

dental floss, in 1815

What are some of the most famous inventions made in Indiana?

stainless steel, stickgim,

What are some of Australias most famous inventions?

|Boomerangs,kangroos and double -engine aeroplanes...

What were some famous ideas in the early 1800's in the US?

some famous ideas / inventions: - hand held camera - zipper - typewriter - telephone - coca-cola

What are some famous Australian inventions?

Some famous Australian inventions include the electronic pacemaker, the black box flight recorder, spray-on skin, and the medical application of penicillin. Another invention is the electric drill, invented by Arthur James.

What are some future inventions?

Some future inventions that the world is looking forward to are the driverless car, the flying car, maids in the form of robots, and underwater cities. Also on the agenda is food in the form of pills and jet-packs, a la James Bond.