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Gray Iron

Pig Iron

Wrought Iron

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Q: Name three ferrous alloys used by modern metalworkers?
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What are the three main categories of metal?

1. Ferrous metal 2. Non-Ferrous metal 3. Alloys

What are three types of artists in Sumer?

Metalworkers Architects and Sculptors

What are 3 ferrous metals?

there are various ferrous metals but the three main ferrous metals are: 1. pig iron 2. cast iron 3. steel

What are three ferrous metals?

A metal is classified as a ferrous metal if it has iron in it ; tip (if a magnet sticks to a metal, it is ferrous) A metal is classified as a non-ferrous metal if it has no iron in it, tip (if a magnet does not stick to a metal, it is non-ferrous) Non-ferrous metals: Brass Copper Nickel Tin Ferrous metals: Steel Iron Stainless steel

Can you name three ferrous metals?

steel irons and copper are all ferrous metals

Name three alloys?

brass , steel and sterling silver

Ferric or ferrous in the body?

Iron can exist in the body as ferrous or ferric, depending on what part of the biological process iron is in. For instance, iron in the plus two-oxidation state is "ferrous". Iron in the plus three-oxidation state is ferric.

What are three common alloys and what metals they are composed of?

Alfred vargas loves calzones

What are three types of metal alloys?

Examples: stainless steels, zircalloys, amalgams.

What are three advantages of some alloys when compared to pure metals?

Most alloys are resistant for corrosion. An most alloys are harder than pure metals.

Name three different types of metal alloys?

Stainless Steel Nickel Pewter

What are 3 alloys that partner with tungsten?

Actually, there are more than three, but three examples would be velorium, nortisoguium, and uliuliminun

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