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The cardinality of a set is simply the number of elements in the set. If the set is represented by an STL sequence container (such as std::array, std::vector, std::list or std::set), then the container's size() member function will return the cardinality.

For example:

std::vector<int> set {2,3,5,7,11,13};

size_t cardinality = set.size();

assert (cardinality == 6);

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Q: How to program set Cardinality in C plus plus?
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How cardinality relates to the number of subsets of a set?

Cardinality is simply the number of elements of a given set. You can use the cardinality of a set to determine which elements will go into the subset. Every element in the subset must come from the cardinality of the original set. For example, a set may contain {a,b,c,d} which makes the cardinality 4. You can choose any of those elements to form a subset. Examples of subsets may be {a,c} {a, b, c} etc.

What is the largest number in a data set?

It's the maximum.Probably C, the continuum.The cardinality (count) of the infinite set of integers is Aleph-null. Then C = 2^(Aleph-null).

What are cardinality?

The cardinality of a finite set is the number of distinct elements in the set. For infinite sets, the cardinality is Aleph-Null if the elements of the set can be put into 1-to-1 relationship with the natural numbers: that is, if the set is countably infinite. However, the set of irrational numbers, for example, has a number of elements which is a greater order of infinity (uncountably infinite). It's cardinality is denoted by C, for "continuum".

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