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I've got V6 Pro and none of these work. But I found that if you do this it works a treat.

  • create a text box, leave it blank
  • then go to MS Word,
  • write whatever text you want then change the font to that font
  • copy and paste it into the Adobe text box
  • set the default text box properties to the those of that box
  • then all further text boxes will have that format/size text.

For people who don't have Adobe Acrobat you can use a PDF editor to modify the font size:

  • Import your file into it.
  • Drag a box to cover and highlight your text which needs to change font size.
  • Click font size settings and select a size from drop-down menu.
  • Save your file and reserve the changes.
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Above your page, theres a font box and next to it, there is a box with numbers. Use it to change the font size. Id doesn't matter if you are writing in a text box.

If you already written something, highlight it and then change the font size using the box above your page.

Hopefully it works, although I cant remember how to get an textbox up, so I haven't checked it recently.

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well it depends on wat kind of phone u have with my phone i cant do that

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Q: How do you set font size in a text box in Adobe Acrobat Professional?
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