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You don't. Linear amplifiers are illegal for CB use. The maximum input into the final stage of a CB transmitter is 5 watts.

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Q: How do you install a linear CB amplifier?
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What is the applications of negative feedback amplifier?

A: feedback is not an application but rather is a must to keep a system or amplifier stable in the linear regions

What is linear op amp?

It's an op amp (operational amplifier) with a linear response, meaning that double the input means double the output.

Differentiate between small signal and large signal amplifier?

The amplifier is supposed to be an electronic circuit. Electronic circuits are nonlinear circuits, which may be modeled in the time domain by means of nonlinear differential equations and nonlinear algebraic equations. The kernel of the solution of the nonlinear equations is the solution of a linear equation system i.e. the nonlinear components and couplings are approximated with linear relations valid for small signals. Iterations are performed until the laws of Kirchhoff are fulfilled. The instant set of linear equations is the small signal model for the amplifier. If the amplifier is excited with a dc power source it assumes an active state called the bias point or quiescent point. If the relation between the input and the output signals of the amplifier is measured to be (almost) linear in the bias point then we assume a small signal amplifier with time independent bias point else we assume a large signal amplifier.

Working of single stage amplifier?

A simple, 1 transistor single stage amplifier can be made using several resistors to bias a NPN or PNP transistor into its' linear operating region. With this done, a small voltage signal applied to the input of the amplifier will have the voltage amplified at the output in a linear fashion. I'm not sure what your question is; if this does not answer it let me know.

Why you are using common emitter configuration for the amplifier circuit?

Reason: The common Emitter mode has voltage and current gain better than the other two configurations(CB and CC). i.e it has a current gain greater than that of CC mode and greater voltage gain than that of CB mode.

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Can you convert a car audio amplifier into a cb ham radio amplifier?

No. Not only is it illegal to amplify a CB radio beyond the FCC permitted four watts, but stereo amplifiers and linear amplifiers work in very different ways.

What is the configuration of cascade amplifier?

CC-CB configuration

Can one install themselves, or should they seek professional help?

You can install your own amplifier and you will save allot of money. To install an amplifier yourself you should get a How to Guide on how to install an amplifier.

What is the efficiency of class b linear RF AM amplifier?

the approximate efficiency of a class b linear RF AM amplifier is 35%

What is a bilinear amplifier?

it amplifies both the incomeing and outgoing signals on CB radios

How do you install cobra cb radio in 2010 Chevy lumina?

To install a Cobra CB radio in a 2010 Chevy Lumina, first disconnect the battery cables. Then mount the CB box and then power the CB radio. Then mount the antennae.

What is linear circuit?

ugly A. A chip that will perform in a linear fashion like an amplifier

Why is the gain and bandwidth of a ce-cb cascode amplifier greater than a ce amplifier?

Gain of ce-cb cascode is nearly equal to the gain of ce amplifier, because in a ce-cb cascode, the gain of the ce stage is equal to 1, and the gain of the cb stage is nearly equal to an isolated ce amplifier. Hence, gain of both are nearly equal. On the other hand, Bandwidth of ce-cb cascode is much higher than the bandwidth of ce amplifier because the cb stage in the cascode configration is not subjected to any Miller effect, thereby improving the high frequency response. The absence of Miller effect is due to the fact that the base of the cb stage is grounded thus, shielding the collector signal from being fed back into the emitter input. To be more clear, the gain of CE stage in cascode is nearly 1, which reduces the miller effect on the cb stage greatly.

Do you need to use a amplifier with a cb radio?

No, and it's actually illegal to do. CB radios come from the factory transmitting four watts, which is the legal limit.

What gauge speaker wire for car amplifier install?

Depends on the output of the amplifier.

How do you stop a neighbor from using a linear on his cb radio?

File a report to the FCC.

What is the application of feedback amplifier?

A: feedback is not an application but rather is a must to keep a system or amplifier stable in the linear regions

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