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Actually simply speaking dos is an operating system.

where as c is a programming language used to develop different applications.

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Q: Difference between dos and c programming?
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Difference between C and C programming language?

The C and C programming languages are one and the same. There is no difference between those languages.

What is the difference between the c and C programming?

The question is similar to : What is the Difference between "English" and "Talking in English" "C" is a Language. "C Programming" is a verbal usage

What is the difference between C programming and CPP programming?

The C and C++ languages are, at their core, very similar. C++ adds Object Oriented Programming, and several other enhancements, to the C language.

What is the difference between the Linux shell and C?

C is a programming language. A shell is an interface.

What is difference between Turbo and Borland C?

turbo is word to do the programming language in c & c++ and i do no about borland

Difference between c and shell programming execution?

Can you please explain your question?

What is the difference between aspnet vbnet and c? is website programming is windows forms programming the visual basic language is windows forms programming in c# language

Is there any difference between turbo c and c plus plus?

turbo c is a compiler and c++ is a programming language.

What is the difference between c plus plus and java programming?

Java doesn't have pointers. C++ has pointers.

What is the difference between c and c plus plus and c minus minus?

Well, C and C++ are programming languages, while C-- is not.

What is the difference between printf and fprintf in C programming?

printf (*) is equal to fprintf (stdout, *)

What is the difference between ANSI C and C plus plus?

C and C++ are different programming languages, ANSI C is a standardized version of C.

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