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A flow chart can be used to write a program that can sort numbers. The program should be able to sort numbers by either ascending or descending order as needed.

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Q: Algorithm and flow chart of the program for ascending and descending order of numbers?
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Write an Assembly language program which implements sorting algorithm both ascending and descending order and display those numbers with certain delay say of 5sec between successive displays?


How do you write a program that will arrange the elements of a 10 integer array in ascending and descending order?

You cannot arrange an array in two orders at the same time. To arrange them in ascending order, sort the elements using an appropriate sorting algorithm. To reverse the order, work inwards from both ends of the array, swapping the elements as you go.

How do you make a C plus plus program that arrange the numbers from highest to lowest?

Input the numbers into an array, sort the numbers in descending order, then print the results. If there are fewer than, say, 20 numbers, then a bubble sort will suffice. Otherwise use a more advanced sorting algorithm such as quick sort.

What will be the program to arrange numbers stored in array in ascending order using pointers?


Write a c program to n numbers ascending order?

Use the qsort() function ;)

Write a program that will arrange the elements of a 10-integer array in ascending and descending order?

Analyze the problem! Do it by your self for you to learn! -Your computer programming professor

How do you write a program in linked list in ascending and descending order in sorted way using c plus plus?

Use a std::list with std::sort.

How algorithm is different from program?

An algorithm is the statement of the methodology used to solve a problem. A program is the implementation of that algorithm.

How do you write a Lisp program that sorts a list of numbers in a ascending order?

(sort '(3 2 1) #'

Write a program to sort the elements of an array in descending order?

Write a program to input values into an array and sort the array in descending order. Size of array is 10.An algorithm to sort a list in ascending order is given below:for( i = 0 to n-2)for(j=i+1 to n-1)if(array[i] > array[j])swap the values of array[i] and array[j]ï‚· Array index starts from 0.ï‚· n is the size of the arrayï‚· Swapping is interchanging the values of two variables. Search the internet for algorithmto swap the values of two variables.ï‚· This is bubble sort algorithm

Write a program in c plus plus to print given numbers in ascending order?

Put the numbers in a vector and sort the vector. Then print it.

Write a c program using dynamic memory allocation to sort n numbers in ascending order?


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