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I dont know. I'm seeking for right answer too :D

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It means "watch out" or "be careful"

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Q: What is the meaning of Arabic words - andak or endak?
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What rhymes with the Arabic word malabis?

Some words that rhyme with "malabis" in Arabic are "tanasib" (تناسب) meaning "correspondence" and "mudabbir" (مدير) meaning "manager."

What is the Arabic meaning of ariana?

It's the name of a Tunisian region, but It's not an Arabic word. It's derived from the words Air and Anna.

What is the meaning of 'mishary' in Arabic?

There is no Arabic word Mishari (مشاري), so it has no meaning. Perhaps it is a person's name or a word from Farsi or Urdu written in Arabic letters. Both Farsi and Urdu are very different from Arabic and so the words do not overlap. Alternatively, it may be a word from an uncommon dialect of Arabic that may be difficult to recognize.

What is there meaning of hajirunnisa?

"Hajirunnisa" is a Muslim name of Arabic origin meaning "emigrant of women." It is a combination of the words "hajir" (emigrant) and "nisa" (women).

What is the meaning of the Arabic word aiwa kwais Miya Miya?

The Arabic phrase "aiwa kwais Miya Miya" does not have a specific meaning in Arabic. "Aiwa" means "yes" and "kwais" means "good," but "Miya Miya" does not have a known meaning in Arabic. It is possible that it is a phrase in a dialect or slang that is not widely recognizable.

Where can you find the definitions of Arabic words in Arabic?

The best place to find definitions of Arabic words in Arabic is in an Arabic dictionary, either in book form or online.

What is the meaning of good morning in Islam?

Islam is a religion and not a language. You can spell words in Arabic (the language is which the Kuran is taught), but not 'in Islam'

What is the meaning of 'nafa' in Arabic?

In Persian it means benefit, as in it is in my benefit to take my vitamins every day. Persian derives most of its root words from Arabic. I hope this helps in any way.

What is the meaning of the name shukri?

The name Shukri means "thankful" or "grateful" in Arabic.

What does asadullah mean?

Asadullah is an Arabic name composed of two words: "Asad" meaning lion and "Allah" meaning God. So, the name Asadullah translates to "lion of God".

What does shea mean in Hebrew?

"shea" has no meaning in Hebrew. This is not a Hebrew word. You may be thinking of the Arabic word Shay' (شيء) which means "thing" or the Arabic word Shai (شاي) which means "tea". The Hebrew words for these are distinctly different.

What is the difference between kitab and pustak?

"Kitab" is an Arabic word meaning "book," commonly used in languages like Urdu and Arabic. "Pustak" is a Hindi word also meaning "book," commonly used in languages like Hindi and Sanskrit. Both words refer to the same object, a written or printed work bound together.