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I think it might be waste / waist

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it helped me al lot

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Q: What is the homonym for useless and part of the body?
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What is a homonym for chest?

Homonyms have the same spelling different meaning. Chest is a homonym that can mean either the part of the body, or a box for keepsakes.

What is homonym for knows?

A homonym for knows is nose. Another homonym is noes. The nose is a body part, noes is the plural of no and knows is the conjugation of the verb, to know. Knows and nose have the same pronunciation, but different spelling.

What is a homonym for muscle?

a homonym for muscle the muscle in our body.

What is the homonym of the word FEET?

The homonym of "feet" is "feat". "Feet" refers to the plural of foot (body part), while "feat" refers to a remarkable achievement or accomplishment.

What is the Homonym for quietness and part of anything?

The homonym for "quietness" is "piece".

What is the homonym for tail?

The homonym for tail is tale. Tail refers to the rear part of an animal's body, while tale refers to a story or narrative.

What is a homonyms for quietness and a part?

Not every word has a homophone and homophones cannot be 'made up'. Quietness and part don't have a homophone.

What is a homonym for route?

A homonym for "route" is "root." They are pronounced the same but have different meanings.

What is the homonym for there?

Actually "their" is a homophone for "there". Homonyms must have the same spelling and pronunciation but different meanings. An example is palm - part of you hand or a tree.There is no homonym for there.

What is a homonym for a fault and a house part?

A homonym for "fault" could be "flaw" or "defect," while a homonym for a house part could be "stair" or "step."

What is the homonym for lock a dock?

The homonym for "lock a dock" is "loch ado." This refers to a Scottish term for a body of water similar to a lake.

Why is hair the least important part of the body?

It is useless, they're just dead cells. If they were alive, cutting your hair would hurt.