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it called spondias

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Q: What is the English word of the fruit Ambayanga?
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What is the English term of the word lanzones fruit?

The English term for "lanzones fruit" is "langsat".

What is English word for fruit njaval a local fruit in kerala?


What is the French word for vine?

The English word fruit is written the same in French: un fruit (masculine noun) - pronounced fru-ee.The word 'fruit' means the same in French as in English.

What is the English meaning of nungu?

"Nungu" is a Tamil word that refers to the fruit of the palmyra tree or a type of palm fruit. It is commonly known as "ice apple" or "palm fruit" in English.

What does Kudamono mean?

"Kudamono" is a Japanese word and in English it means "Fruit"

What is the word 'fruit loop' when translated from English to Japanese?

fuititos chlupas

What does lilikoi mean in English?

"Lilikoi" is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit.

How do you spell quince in English?

The Spanish number quince (keen-say) is fifteen in English (15).The word quince is used in English to mean a fruit and ornamental fruit tree, Cydonia oblonga.

Can you unscramble this kind of fruit -acelp?

There is no word in the English language that uses the letter acelp that can be unscrambled to uncover the name of a fruit. The largest word that can be unscrambled is the word place, while the smallest is the word pa.

What the meaning of bunga?

"BUNGA" is a Filipino word that is translated in English as "FRUIT". It may refer to as anything that a plant yielded. It maybe a fruit from a tree, fruit from shrubs or fruit from vines.

What is 'santol' when translated from Filipino to English?

Santol is the same in English and Filipino.Specifically, the word functions as a Filipino loan word in English. The term in English identifies both the fruit and the tree (Sandoricum koetjape) which produces that fruit. Its native range is thought to be native to peninsular Southeast Asia even though it may be found in Borneo, India, Indonesia, Mauritius and Phlippines.

What is the correct Spanish translation of the English word orange?

As in the fruit, naranja. As in the color, anaranjado.