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κύμα [kyma] = wave

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Q: What does the word kyma mean in the greek language?
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Where does the word cymatic come from?

The term "cymatics" was coined by Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist who derived it from the Greek word kyma (a great wave).

What does the Greek word stadion mean?

The word stadion is not part of the Greek language, but in fact is German. This word translates into the English language as the word stadium.

What does the greek word glotta mean?

it means "having to do with language or the production of language"

Does anotic mean earless in Greek?

The word Anotic means earless in Greek language.

Does acephalous mean headless in Greek?

The word Acephalous means headless in Greek language.

Does arrhinous mean noseless in Greek?

The word 'Arrhinous' means noseless in Greek language.

Does polycephaly mean many heads in Greek?

Yes, the word polycephaly does mean many heads in the Greek language.

From what language is the word diploma derived?

The word "diploma" is derived from the Greek language.

In greek language what keeps a boat in place?

boat doesn't mean anything in Greek, but if you mean whats the Greek word for boat its καράβι/karavi

What does circle mean in Greek language naturally old Greek?

kyklos (the ancient Greek word for circle) referred to an amphitheater.

Does polyhepatic mean many livers in Greek?

The word polyhepatic means many livers in Greek language.

Does serpentomorph mean snake-shaped in Greek and Latin?

Serpentomorph is not a known word in the Greek or Latin language.