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Q: What does the latin word mox mean in English?
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What is 'See you soon' in Latin?

One Latin eqivalent of the English phrase 'See you soon' is the following: Videbo te mox; or Videbo vos mox. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'videbo' means '[I] will see'; 'te' means 'you [singular]'; 'vos' means 'you all'; and 'mox' means 'soon'. Another Latin equivalent is the following: Spero te videre mox; or Spero vos videre mox. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'spero' means '[I] hope'; 'videre' means 'to see'.

What is Latin for soon?


In computer language What does I am sending you a mox mean?

MOX is referred to as Meditech's internal office email.

Is mox a word?

yes. it means dumb

What seven letter word ends in mox?


Who was peu peu mox mox?

Peu-Peu-Mox-Mox was a Chief of the Walla Walla tribe who was murdered in 1855 while being held as an unarmed prisoner of some white volunteers. Also spelled Pio-Pio-Mox-Mox.

Is mox a scrabble word?

No, it doesn't exist in the US or International Scrabble Dictionary.

Who is Chief Peo Peo Mox Mox?

Peo Peo Mox Mox (Yellow Bird) was the principle chief of the Walla Walla tribe in southeastern Washington in the late 19th century

What does Kb mox and half around mean?

KB MOX and half around means knock back and half way around the world. These terms are commonly used on classified ads.

KB mox half around mean?

KB: Knock-Back aka Play hard to get MOX: No threat Half-Around: 1/2 of an "Around the world" (oral, vaginal, no anal)

When was Mox-Linde Gases created?

Mox-Linde Gases was created in 1960.

When did Mox McQuery die?

Mox McQuery died on 1900-06-12.