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The German word for settings is Einstellungen. The German word for language is Sprache.

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Q: What are the German words for settings and language?
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What is German for 'language settings' or equivalent on a Nokia?

Sprache Einstellungen

What language are the words diba de?

The words diba de are from the German language. The German language is complicated but is spoken by many individuals. You can take classes on the language.

Is German a difficult language to learn?

Hello! When I sterted the German language, the only thing I found difficult was rolling my "R". Many words in the German language are similar to words in the English language since both English and German are Germanic languages, meaning that they are related. I find German slightly similar to Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. I can also recognise words in Dutch, as both Dutch and German are similar languages.

How do you type German words on the key board?

do it for any laptop or desktop go to start-settings-control panel and choose regional and language option now go to language tab and click on details in details you will see the keyboard option just click on add and add your appropriate language (german) keyboard click on ok and you are done..

How many words in the German dictionary?

The German language has an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 words in its dictionary, including compound words and regional dialects.

What it the main language spoken in Luxembourge?

The main language spoken in Luxembourg is Luxembourgish. French and German are also widely spoken and used in official settings.

What is a word that is German that is the same in English?

KindergartenZeitgeistAngstPoltergeistDoppelgängerSchadenfreudeErsatzare all German words that have made it into the English language

Why are my words on Facebook in French?

Your Facebook language settings may have been changed to French accidentally. You can change them back by going to the settings menu, selecting language, and choosing your preferred language.

English words that come from German?

Some English words that come from German include "kindergarten," "angst," "doppelganger," and "wanderlust."

What is the difference between Deutsch and Dutch?

Dutch is the language of Netherlands, whereas the Deutsch is the language of Germany. They are not the same. The scripts are similar but that does not make them the same. Plus the phonetics and the words are totally different. Dutch is a Low German language, German is a High German language. The High and Low is about geography btw. The main difference, apart from a lot of different words, is the so called High German consonant shift.

What is German etymology?

German etymology is the study of the origins and historical development of the German language and its vocabulary, including how words have evolved from earlier forms of German and other languages. It involves tracing the history and influences that have shaped the German language over time.

What has the author C S Mohanavelu written?

C. S. Mohanavelu has written: 'German Tamilogy' -- subject(s): German, Foreign words and phrases, Tamil language, German language, Influence on Tamil