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I have 18 good song titles that are unused that I made up. Here you go:

1. A World Without Fears

2. Pop Will Lead The Way

3. Automatic Awesome

4. Awesome In My Pocket

5. Real One

6. Two Of A kind

7. One Of A Kind

8. Music Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

9. Careless

10. Love Is In The Air

11. Blue Love

12. Crazy Little Thing Called Fireworks

13. Heart Of Music

14. Music On Fire

15. Looking Down On Nothing

16. Love Is A Game

17. Today Is The Day

18. One Of A Kind

There. Those are 18 UNUSED song titles. And if you decide to start a band and you need names for that, go to

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Q: What Are good unused song titles?
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What are good unused christian song titles?

I don't think there is a song titled Hallelujah forever.

What is a song title nobody used?

There's not a list of "unused" song titles or book titles - you have to make up your own titles. Once you do, you can use a search engine to see if any other songs have that same name and you can change your title if you want to. Many songs have the same or similar titles, though.

What are good song titles for a love song?

because I'm trying to write a song

Should song titles be underlined?

Song Titles are put into italics.

What is a good song title for a new song?

Depends what type of song it is. Some good slow song titles- Two hearts bleed as one. Too sad to sat goodbye, etc

What are the Song titles from lyrics this is the end for you my friend?

"This is the End for You (My Friend)" by Anti-Flag. Good song, bytheway. Its on YouTube. Hope this helps.

Are song titles not lyrics copyrighted?

Short phrases such as song titles cannot be protected by copyright.

Which of these titles is a song by Jonas brothers burnin up smack that makin good love?

Burnin' up!

Do you have any unused rock song lyrics for my band?


Would you underline a song title?

Song titles, like the titles of poems, should be placed in quotation marks.

Do you put song titles in italics?

In a novel, can you put song titles in italics?

Should song titles be underlined or italicized?

Underlining and italicizing are the same thing. Song titles should be quoted.