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30 degrees

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Q: If ABC is an isosceles triangle with base AC what is the measure of C?
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If triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle hat is the measure of side AB?


If triangle abc is an isosceles triangle what is the measure of side ab?

12 2

Triangle ABC is an isosceles right triangle. what is the measure of a base angle?

The 2 equal base angles are 45 degrees and all 3 interior angles add up to 180 degrees.

What must A measure in order for ABC to be isosceles?

Are you talking about the angle A. If you are then at what point of the triangle is the angle A.

If is both the altitude and median of triangle ABC then triangle ABC is?

It is isosceles.

If is both the altitude and median of triangle ABC then triangle ABC is .?

It is isosceles.

If in ABC B is equal to C what kind of triangle is ABC?

Triangle ABC would be an isosceles. An isosceles triangle is defined as having two sides of equal length. This would also mean, then, that two angles in the triangle are also the same.

The parallelogram ABCD is a rhombus what type of triangle is ABC?

isosceles triangle

How do i prove if the base angles of a triangle are congruent then the triangle is isosceles?

Suppose you have triangle ABC with base BC, and angle B = angle C. Draw the altitude AD.Considers triangles ABD and ACDangle ABD = angle ACD (given)angle ADB = 90 deg = angle ACDtherefore angle BAD = angle CADAlso the side AD is common to the two triangles.Therefore triangle ABD is congruent to triangle ACD (ASA) and so AB = AC.That is, triangle ABC is isosceles.

In an isosceles triangle does the median to the base bisect the vertex angle?

In the diagram, ABC is an isoscels triangle with the congruent sides and , and is the median drawn to the base . We know that ∠A ≅ ∠C, because the base angles of an isosceles triangle are congruent; we also know that ≅ , by definition of an isosceles triangle. A median of a triangle is a line segment drawn from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. That means ≅ . This proves that ΔABD ≅ ΔCBD. Since corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent, that means ∠ABD≅ ∠CBD. Since the median is the common side of these adjacent angles, in fact bisects the vertex angle of the isosceles triangle.

How do you work out the area of an ABC triangle?

you just have to measure it in inches all the sidesAnother Answer:-Area of a triangle = 0.5*base*height

What are the kinds of triangle according the measure of angle?

Angle in triangle abc measure 27, 73 and 80, what kind of triangle is abc