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To take advantage of lower labor costs

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Lower labor costs

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Why might a company move ots prodution factory from Texas to Mexico?

To take advantage of lower production costs, including wages and tax incentives from the Mexican government.

What was Texas-New Mexico Power Company in Texas City's name before that?

It was Community Public Service. (CPS)

Is New Mexico and Mexico just west of Texas?

New Mexico is west of Texas, but, Mexico is south of Texas.

What is Texas is south of Oklahoma?

Its Mexico!!!

What country ruled Texas during the Independence for Texas?

Mexico was the ruling country.

Which state no longer borders with New Mexico Texas and Mexico?


Which state has a longer bordder with Mexico Texas or New Mexico?


Was texaco founded in Mexico?

I believe that Texaco was a simple shortening of the Texas Company, one of the early oil companies.

Fred Loya insurance sells insurance in which states?

The Fred Loya Insurance company's headquarters can be found in El Paso, Texas. The states this company operates in are as follows: Texas, Mexico, Colorado, California and Illinois.

What is The area of Texas that borders the gulf of Mexico?

The Gulf of Mexico.

What state is in between Texas and Mexico?

The is no state between Texas and Mexico because they share a border, but they both share a border with New Mexico None. Texas borders Mexico.

Why did Texas and Mexico feel superior to each other?

Texas used to be part of Mexico until Mexico broke off from Spain. Mexico made new laws that Texas didn't like so the Texas/Mexico war started and eventually Texas became part of the US.