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Q: Who has to approve the budget of the US government?
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Who has to approve of the budget of the us government?


Who has to approve the budget of the government?


Who has to approve the budget of the U.S government?


Does the US Supreme Court approve the federal budget?

No. The Supreme Court has no part in creating or approving the federal budget; this is a task shared by the Executive and Legislative branches of the US government.

Who must approve the US budget?

Its the legislative branch.

Describe one way the Executive Branch of your national government can check the power of the Legislative Branch?

Approve Presidentail nominations

City councils usally approve the city budget and pass?

city councils usually approve the city budget and pass

What is the total amount of the government's budget?

In 2014, the US federal government budget is $3.8 trillion. For 2015, the President has requested a budget of $3.9 trillion.

Who makes the budget for the government?

The US Congress creates the budget and then submits it for approval to the President.

What branch of government has the power to approve treaties made by the us?

Its d senate

What is the role of the parlement?

That depends on the country you have in mind. But generally speaking, a Parliament has the power to make and approve laws, the power to approve or reject the Government's yearly budget and in many countries the power to send away the Government or individual Ministers if the majority of Parliament has lost its trust in them.

Who must approve any treaties that are made by the US with foreign countries?

In the US, only the Federal Government can do this; states cannot do this individually.