What is imported inflation?

Updated: 8/19/2022
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Inflation in other countries(trading partners)=>Higher input price for goods =>reduce competitive pressure on import-competing domestic goods price of domestic goods may increases. Alternative Way of looking at it: Country A trades with Country B. Currency B appreciates in relation to Currency A. Therefore, from Country A's point of view, it is more expensive to buy raw materials from Country B, but A will still buy raw materials because it is essential for production. As a result, the cost of production for goods increases due to a rise in price of raw materials. Hence, this will cause an increase in the general price level of goods and services in Country A that uses raw materials imported from Country B. Therefore, imported inflation occurs.

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inflation is important because it's the increase the price on food, etc. It could affect the people lives and some people who can't afford it. Basically it shows the economy isn't doing so good.

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Q: What is imported inflation?
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Food inflation is due to pressure from supply side and political instability in the Middle East. You would need to control the money supply in the economy , start by strengthening your domestic currency to make imports cheaper and exports costlier.Fruits and vegetables imported into the country and ban on food export will thus be buffered against inflation

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Simply put, low inflation rates means higher demand in market including demand from foreign markets. This is translated in the price quoted for imported items. Thus, as import is increased so does money outflow. This means more foreign currency are needed (bought) to buy imported items and relatively the value of local currency rates will be depreciated.

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