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Some of the advantages and disadvantages of modern fishing to the economy and environment are that people are able to catch their food for no price and its way more natural ,but some of the disadvantages are the fee's that are required to fish are high.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern fishing to the economy and environment?
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what are SOME advantages OR disadvantages of a peninsula?

Advantages of a peninsula include easy access to water for trade and transportation, as well as a variety of recreational activities like fishing and boating. Disadvantages may include vulnerability to natural disasters like hurricanes or flooding, and limited land space for development.

What are advantages and disadvantages of selling sports equipment?

There are both advantages and disadvantages, because such a market varies. If you are lucky and live near where fishing is very practised you have a chance of success. All business are somewhat like this, where consumer demand can make or break the business. Advantages and disadvantages are not concise terms because many factors are involved in any kind of business.

What do they do in their economy in Madagascar?

In Madagascar the economy is fishing and forestry.

What are advantages and disadvantages of fishing tackle shops?

Some advantages of using a fishing tackle shop is that it most likely will have alot of stock and you are more likely to find something you want, the owner my also be alot more helpful finding the thing you want. the disadvantages of using a tackle shop could be the prices being high although it may not always be case, also you may have trouble finding one if none in the area.

What is the economy of the tidewater economy?

it is fishing and cutting down trees

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A ski area is a seasonal economy. Fishing is a seasonal economy Etc

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There are many advantages of living by a river like: water, fishing, trade, and bathing. BUt, there are some DISadvantages of living by a rivier: being attacked by an ememy from the water and floods or natural disasters that could kill your crops and homes.

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Guyana economy relays on Fishing and mining for bauxite

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Guyana economy relays on Fishing and mining for bauxite

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You don't have to watch it as you do with rod and tackle.