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it popps

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The Earth's rotation causes day and night by exposing different parts of the planet to sunlight, influencing daily rhythms of activity and rest in living organisms. Its revolution around the sun creates different seasons due to the tilt of Earth's axis, influencing climate patterns, migration, and reproductive cycles in animals and plants.

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Q: How the earths rotation and revolution affect life on earth?
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What causes day and night on earth earths revolution around the sun or earth's rotation on its axis?

Earth's rotation on its axis causes day and night. Earth's revolution around the sun causes the seasons.

What is the difference between Earths revolution and Earths rotation?

The term rotation refers to the Earth turning on its axis once per day. The term revolution refers to the earth circling the sun once per year.

What earths two main motions called?

Rotation and Revolution.

What are the earths two principal motions?

The two principal motions of Earth are rotation and revolution. Rotation refers to the spinning of Earth on its axis, which causes day and night. Revolution refers to Earth's orbit around the sun, which takes approximately 365.25 days to complete.

How do rotation and revolution of earth affect the human?

These combined give us day and night, and seasons.

How does the moon affect planets?

the moon creats earths tides! It also effects the planet by stabilizing the rotation of earth!

How does the earths rotation affect the way you view the moon?

The earths rotation effects whether it is night or day (so you'll see the moon at night).

What are rotation and revolution?

If earth surrounds itself it is known as rotation if earth surrounds the sun then it is known as revolution

Do skyscrapers slow down earths rotation?

Skyscrapers have a negligible impact on the Earth's rotation. Their size and mass are not significant enough to affect the Earth's rotation speed or axis. Other factors like earthquakes, glaciers melting, and ocean currents play a much larger role in influencing the Earth's rotation.

How do rotation and tilt each affect the ammount of solar energy that differenty parts of earth receive?

They affect because earths rotation can go larger and sorter from sun and ,tilt affects because it can move earth at every side and that has a shadow in other part of earth.

How many types of earth rotation?

It is anticlockwise when viewed from the north. This applies to both its daily rotation and its revolution around the Sun. The angular momentum vector in both cases points to the north.

How is revolution and rotation of planets the same?

Revolution and rotation are both movements of celestial bodies. Revolution refers to the orbit of a planet around the sun, while rotation is the spinning of a planet on its axis. They both affect the position and orientation of the planet in space.