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You need a different amount of potassium each day depending on your age and gender.

In general, the following applies:


* 0-6mths - 500mg * 7-12mths - 700mg


* 1-3yrs - 1400mg * 4-8yrs - 1600mg * 9-18yrs - 2000mg Adults

* 19-50yrs - 2000mg Pregnant and Lactating Women

* 18-50yrs - 2000mg

For more information about potassium, as well as which foods contain high amounts of this vital nutrient, see Related Links below:

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Q: How many mg of potassium do you need daily?
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How many mg of potassium do you need daily for Seniors?

Roughly 2000 mg a day

How many mg in 10 meq potassium cl?

how many mg in 20 meg potassium

How many mg of potassium in cantaloupe?

How many potassium in cantaloupe

What is the recommended daily potassium allowance for congestive heart failure?

1800 mg

1 meq potassium equals how many mg potassium?

390 mg is 10 meq if dealing with 'elemental' Potassium 2350 mg is 10 meq if dealing with Potassium Gluconate

How many mg of potassium in POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 10MEQ SA TAB?

There are approximately 750 mg of potassium in each POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 10MEQ SA TAB.

How many mg of potassium in grapefruit?

about 148 mg per grapefruit.

How much potassium in grapefruit?

Roughly 300 mg or 8% of the daily value. Hope this is helpful.

How many mg of potassium in yogurts?


How many milligrams is 40 meq of potassium citrate?

To convert milliequivalents (mEq) of potassium citrate to milligrams (mg), you need to know the molar mass of potassium citrate. If we assume potassium citrate has a molar mass of approximately 306 g/mol, then 40 mEq of potassium citrate would be equivalent to about 12.2 grams or 12,200 milligrams.

How many 99mg potassium to take to equal to 20meq?

To convert potassium dosage from mg to mEq, you need to divide the amount in mg by the potassium molar mass, which is approximately 39.1 g/mole. In this case, 99mg of potassium is roughly equal to 2.53 mEq. To reach 20 mEq, you would need to take around 7.9 tablets.

How many mg of potassium are in almonds?

By consuming 100g almonds we will get 705 mg of potassium, banana, apricot, avocado, pitaya, grapes, dates are some other good sources for potassium.