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Q: What is your expectation of criminology course?
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Is criminology marketable?

after pursuing a criminology course in kenya which is diploma can i do its degree or anatha related course

What course is in demand after 4 years?


How do you get into criminalistics?

take a criminology course at universityy

How does trigonometry helps the student in criminology course?

It doesn't

Do you have a criminology course?

Many universities and post-secondary schools in the U.S. offer courses in criminology. Most will also allow you to major in criminal justice or criminology.

Discuss the scope of criminology as a course of study?

its discuss by studying criminology by using statistics for crime scene for investigation

Does any college offer criminology courses in Kerala?

Yes ,A.P.A College in tamilnadu offer the course criminology

Why you choose a course of criminology?

To empower my knowledge on how crimes an criminals acts.

Is criminology course only for men?

not at all..... criminology is an universal subject...... because even women are involved in crimes..... so it would be wrong to say that criminology is only for men..... Dr. Fabianski Benjamin Fiji Islands

What I will learn in a beginning level criminology course?

Typicall learning objectives include a background and history of criminology as well as a variety of terms and defitions related to the field of study.

Information on criminology course.?

You can get a Criminology degree online with Regis University. The degree requires 128 Credit hours and will cost $460/credit hour. You can also take some basic criminology courses online with Universal Class for $35.

Can you show me a sample essay on career objective?

What are your expectations for this course? My expectation for this course are to learn new ways of record

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Is criminology marketable?

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