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Q: If you could change one thing about this organization to make it a better place to work what would it bePlease give specific examples?
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How would you make Chartway a better organization?

how would you make chartway a better organization

What is sentence using organization?

I have better organization skills then you

What size organization is better to compete in global environment?

A global organization

Can you find an organization to help you reduce debt on the internet?

There are legitimate non-profit organizations with internet sites that can help you lower your debt. Before you commit to a specific organization you should check with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

What are the Advantages of system approach to management?

It forces managers to view their organization as part of a whole. It encourages managers to focus on better communication and cooperation within the organization. It makes managers acutely aware that good internal management of the organization may not be enough to ensure survival. It forces managers to be aware of how the environment affects specific parts of the organization.

What would make this organization a better place to work. Please give specific examples?

Management must place as high a priority on employee satisfaction as it does on customer satisfaction, quality, finacials and other strategic performance measured. Every aspect of our business - recruitment, training programs, even bonus plans is liked at employee satisfaction.

What are the group specific changes?

Group-specific changes refer to modifications made to a specific subset of individuals within a larger population or organization. These changes are tailored to address the unique needs, preferences, or characteristics of that particular group. They can include adjustments in policies, procedures, resources, or communication strategies to better support and accommodate the specific group.

Identify the customes clients in your organization?

When you learn the customs of the clients in your organization you will be able to serve them better.

What kind of organization is the better business bureau?

The better business bureau is a business association.

What is the significance of information system in any business organization?

The signifigance of information systems in any business organization is that the better the information an organization has the more on top of their market they can be, so the better they can succeed. It also allows for better critical thinking when projects and long-term goals are being planned.

Why are information and communication in an organization important?

People within an organization who have timely, reliable information are better able to conduct, manage, and control the organization's operations.

What organization was formed as a result of the success of the Berlin airlift?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, better known as NATO.