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Yes, Boa Hancock has feelings for Luffy in the anime One Piece. Her love for him is a recurring theme in the series.

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Q: Is Boa Hancock In Love With Luffy?
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What is one piece 417 about?

it was basicaly about boa Hancock falling in love with luffy

Who is the best pairing for Luffy?

There is no Answer to this Question Everyone have an opinion I think the best girl for Luffy is Boa Hancock She is the only one who love him and care about him.

What is in the back of boa Hancock?

Her slave tattoo, that only her sisters and Luffy know about.

What is the soundtrack when boa Hancock realizes that she is in love with luffy and the same soundtrack is played when she fantasizes that she is married to luffy?

its a spanish song i don't know the singer but it is very popular,so it shouldn't be hard to find it

What episode boa Hancock gave luffy a boat?

Episode 518 she gives him a boat so he can meet up with his friends.

Who likes luffy?

Hancock and luffy's crew and shanks

In what episode do Luffy and Nami kiss?

well nami and luffy never kissed so but the creator of one piece oda would like to add romance at the end of one piece when luffy becomes the pirate king nami will love him and not just because his berries cause she loves him >.< but i want to see them kiss---No not exactly will it be Nami u kno? Theres always the chance of Boa Hancock kissing luffy which will can obviously can be totally telled by watching and maybe even Luffy might show feelings for Boa but maybe also for Margaret on the Maiden Islandno

Who is luffy love?

Currently nobody, although the Serpent Princess, or Hancock, is so madly in love with Luffy that she gets physically ill if she isn't around him that she could actually die.

Why is Boa Hancock so madly in love with Luffy?

although i wouldn't say that she stalks him but she does it because she has fallen in love with luffy

Will Boa and Luffy go together?

NO! Luffy doesn't like her and in the manga they have separated ways.

What episode does luffy meet shanks?

In manga, they met in episode 416-230. It was when the team was defeated singlehandedly by Bartolomew Kuma and they were sent in different locations. Luffy was sent to the island where Boa Hancock was the leader and became friends though Hancock have a secret love for Luffy.

Is Hancock going to teach willpower to luffy?

No, the dark lord (raylegiah) allreadt taught luffy that.