Who is artist Hui Chi Mau?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Hui Chi Mau was a Chinese educated artist who immigrated from Hong Kong to the USA, New York City was renowned for painting Horses in his black brush style...he also produced some remarkable modern oils and some of his florals have been screened for commercial fabric's simply great artists whose work was displayed at the Greenwich village art show...his day is coming

Hui Chi Mau comes from a long line of gentleman-scholars, who since the days of the Sung Dynasty have traditionally been associated with calligraphy, poetry and painting. He was born in 1922 in the province of -Chekiang, near the famous West Lake of Hangchow. From early childhood, Mr. Mau was surrounded and deeply influenced by the art treasures collected by generations of his family. As a young man, he studied classic Chinese brush painting at the National Art Academy, Hangchow, China. He was a protege of Chi Pai-shih. Mr. Mau also studied under Hsu Pei-hung.

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Q: Who is artist Hui Chi Mau?
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