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Feedback by Dale Oliver

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Q: What is the name of Mr Anderson's theme song?
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Who sings Mr Andersons entrance music?

Mr. Anderson's theme song is by Dale Oliver.

What is the name of mr bean the animated series theme song?

Behold the man who is a bean

What is WWE wrestler Mr kennedeys theme song?

The WWE wrestler Mr. Kennedy entrance theme is the song Turn Up The Trouble by Airbourne.

Who's theme song is turn up the trouble?

turn up the trouble was the theme song of mr Kennedy who is now mr Anderson in tna

What is the name of the song they played during the triathlon in the movie Mr Mom?

Chariots of Fire- theme from the 1981 movie

Who sings theme song for Mr Sunshine show?

The show's composer, Rob Cairns, sings the theme song.

Which wrestler's theme song is no chance in hell?

The no chance in hell theme is the chairmans theme Mr. McMahon

Who sings Mr Anderson's theme song in TNA?


Who sang the theme song Mr Ed?

Jay Livingston

What is the theme song to 'Cold Justice'?

"Bones" by Ms Mr.

Who does the theme song Its a jungle out there in Mr Monk?

The theme from Monk is performed by Randy Newman.

What is the theme song for the freakonomics podcast?

Hitch Hikers- Mr. Fortune