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GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i would let it be Shawn michaels and ric flair to the rescue

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Q: What do you tink of this storlinehhh is in a bad place he must find a prtner to face orton but batista and all of hhh's friends are out hhh is assaulted by the legacy then x-pac and Shawn to the rscue?
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Will batista go to legacy?

WEll since Batista is on Smackdown and Legacy on RAW don't think so, and why would he. Legacy consists of second and third generation wrestlers. Batista is not either.

When will batista be back in the WWE after what legacy did to him?


Where is batisa?

batista is not wrestling anymore because he got injured by legacy

Will batista win at extreme rules?

Batista will not win at extreme rules. triple h is schelued to return at extreme rules and betray Batista he is in randy 's group the legacy.

Is Batista going to beat randy orton?

probably,if legacy doesn't help him

Did Randy Orton kick batista in the skull?

No but Randy Orton did break Bataista's arm.He didnt do it alone .He did it with legacy. Batista was rushed to the hospital . A few hours later Triple H retured and beat up legacy plus Randy Orton.Go to for more Information

When is batista coming back?

Batista has recovered from the injury (dislocated arm) randy orton and legacy caused in June 2009 . In a recent interview in Mexico , Batista said that he would be returning in September of 2009 . He also mentioned that he would return on an episode of Monday Night Raw or Breaking Point .

What do you think about this storlinein match bw hhh and orton legacy interferes but cena and batista help hhh.then bam rvd's music hits and he hits randy wit a chair which leads to a big feud?

Honestly, that's actually really interesting because Triple H And Randy Orton hate each other and Legacy has a rivalry with HHH. And, Cena And Batista also HATE Orton and Legacy, but, RVD has nothing to do with it, but its still interesting.

Is Legacy and Ben j is brother?

no their best friends

Is John Cena and batista mates?

they were but batista attacked rey mysterio rey and batista will get drafted to raw then another wwe tag team belt will then undertaker and john cena and hornswoggle and rey and dx will be unified tag team champions another will come batista and regal and Rhodes but ted leaves legacy cause ted and Jericho will turn good so batista and reagl and Rhodes will leave wwe and if ur not down with dat we go to words for u suck it

Any more WWE wrestlers leaving WWE?

Batista might leave after recovery from ingury

Are Legacy and Indigo Vanity together?

no they are just good friends.