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Muhammad Ali had 37 wins by knockout throughout his entire career. There are a variety of forms of professional boxing so the question is not specific enough. For this to be better it should state the weight and not just a general comment.

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Q: How many double knockouts have been recorded during the history of professional boxing?
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What was Joe Louis' career record?

Joe Louis' professional boxing record was 69-3 with 55 knockouts.

Most knockouts win in a row in boxing history?

14 By Mike Tyson.

Which American boxer born in 1966 is known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history?

An American boxer that was born in the year 1966 and is also known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history seems to be named Mike Tyson.This man has many important wins in his career.

What has more knockouts boxing or mma?

According to the research, boxing has more knockouts and lost consciousness cases than MMA. In comparison to boxing, MMA fighters rarely get knocked out.

Most knockouts in single boxing match?

Do you mean knockdowns?

What is Miguel Cotto's current professional record?

Currently still boxing aged 30, Miguel Cotto's professional record curerntly stands at 38 fights, 36 wins with 29 knockouts and 2 defeats.

What does ko mean?

knockouts or strikeouts yaKnock-out.Commonly used in boxing.

What is Muhammad Ail famous for and why?

He is famous for boxing, because he was one of the best getting the most knockouts

What are some of the most famous boxing knockouts?

One of the most famous boxing knockouts was Muhammad Ali knocking out Sonny Liston in 1965. As a huge underdog it launched one of the great sporting career's. Other famous knockouts include Ali knocking out George Foreman and Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson for one of the biggest shocks ever.

What is saul alvarez boxing record?

42 Wins(30 knockouts, 12 decisions),1 Draw

What is the difference between olympic boxing and professional boxing?

in Olympic boxing you were a head guard in professional boxing you dont

Who has the best ko record in boxing?

The boxer with the record for the most knockouts ever is Archie Moore.