Does Naruto kill nagato

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Nagato is pain right? well Noo! its just one body, and nauto kills the body and all the others and then the real pain (just a really skinny old guy) dies from not eating food for years. THis is all true except for the part where he dies cuz of the food, but he does die. the parts where naruto kills his bodies is cool, cant wait for the anime to get up to it.


pain really is just an old guy, and he does die, and he just controls five bodies with his rinnengan eyes, which are like sasuke's sharingan, but way better. naruto strategizes (which is weird, but cool) to take out each body one by one like in Chess. pain then dies and brings everyone he killed (shizune, kakashi, choji and half the leaf village) back to life in perfect health. the only one he doesnt revive is jiryaya, because he killed jiraya to0 long ago.

-nagato, his favorite body, can change gravity

-one of his bodies is a roobot with missles in his arms, and spike on his head (i'm not even kidding, this guy killed choji with a suprise missle attack)

-another can summon a bunch of different animals

i know all of this is hard to believe, (the bad guy is really just an old guy, there is a robot/android that shoots rockets and kills choji, then pretty much everyone in the leaf village dies and is brought back to life ('cept jiraya) and the moon is summoned to the leaf village because the moon is actually the ten tailed beast (which i forgot about, and you need all the other tailed beasts to make come alive, which is why pain formed akatsuki) but you can find all this in

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Q: Does Naruto kill nagato
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Who fight nagato?

Naruto fights and defeats the 6 pains that nagato controlls. After naruto has a talk with nagato. Nagato uses his life force and remaining chakra to restore the lives of everyone kill during the battle.

Who is Pain Nagato or Yahiko?

No, Naruto doesn't kill Nagato. Nagato gives his life in the process of reviving people he has killed.

Naruto kill pain?

If you are asking "Does Naruto kill Pain?" then no he does not. When naruto confronts the real pain he decides not to kill him. Nagato (Pain's real name) is persuaded by Naruto that Naruto will find peace in the shinobi world and Nagato entrusts that he will do it. After entrusting Naruto with such an important job Nagato uses a resurrection technique that brings back every life he took while he destroyed Konoha. This technique ended up killing Pain/Nagato.

Who is the child of prophecy Naruto or nagato?


How does Naruto kill pein?

After defeating all 6 bodies, Naruto goes up to the real Pain (Nagato). After talking with him. Nagato uses Gedo: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu to revive all of the village, but then dies after chakra overuse.

How will Naruto kill pain?

If you mean the very last pain naruto kills him with a regular style rasengan. If you mean Nagato (leader of the pains) naruto talks to him and nagato gives up his life to heal the ones he has killed in the Leaf. He talked to him about Jiraiya's theory and the book who the savor was naruto. Hoped this helped

Is it a naruhina in the end?

Pein kills Hinata... Naruto then kills Nagato.Actaully, Hinata does not die. She gets unconcious, injured, but still lives. But Naruto does kill Nagato.

How did nagato get the thing on his back?

The pole's coming out of Nagato's back were part of some summoning technique which he used to kill the leader of the rain village, i think. It was shown in one of the flashback episodes quite recently, during Naruto and Nagato's talk in the tree.

Is nagato and naruto related?

Family related, no. but they have Jiraiya as their master. A non-family relation and shared master is true....but they both are from the same clan. Both Naruto and Nagato are from the uzumaki clan! Their full names are Naruto Uzumaki and Nagato Uzumaki.

How is Naruto going to kill Pain?

Naruto kills Pain with Rasengan, but Nagato (who controls all six Pains) dies when he sacrifices himself to revive everyone he killed in the battle.

Who killed pien?

Pein, more commonly known as Pain in North America, was indirectly killed by Naruto. Naruto destroyed all six Pain bodies, and sought out the "Pain master" (controller of the bodies), Nagato. Naruto convinced Nagato that Nagato's answer to finding peace was not destruction; Nagato believed that Naruto would find the answer to peace, and returned all the lives that the Pain bodies took from Konoha, at the cost of Nagato's life.

What powers does nagato give to Naruto?