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I recently saw a 1984 in box mint go for about $120

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Q: What is the value of a schrade us scrimshaw morning star knife lb7?
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What is the value of a schrade scrimshaw sc507?

About $100.00.

Where can you find the value of a schrade scrimshaw knife sc506?

A schrade scrimshaw knife SC506 is worth about $35.00 for a new one and up to $200.00 for an older one in good condition. Values can be estimated by a experienced pawn shop owner or by checking against like items on sites such as eBay.

What is value of Schrade 75th anniversary knife?

100 pounds

Schrade knife value?

Impossible to evaluate sight unseen. Sorry.

What is the value of a schrade scrimshaw 503SC?

I got one for free but I think they are pretty expensive. I haven't checked in a while though. Odd how you asked this seeing how I was not to recently stabbed with one.

What is the value of a schrade scrimshaw usa sc 500 2 blade scrimshaw handle with two buffalo beside a buffalo skull?

Such a knife was likely produced in relatively large numbers. I would think it would be difficult to get more than $25 for this knife and less if you sold it to a dealer. This person was guessing.....some of these knives are worth 125-135 dollars depending on the print that's on them. The more rare the print, obviously the more they are worth. Try checking eBay for a guestimate.

What is the value of a Shcrade Walden 882y three blsde stockman knife?

The value of a Schrade Walden 882Y three-blade stockman knife can vary depending on its condition, age, and rarity. Generally, these knives can range in value from $20 to $100 or more in the collector's market. It's recommended to check online marketplaces or consult with knife collectors for a more accurate valuation.

What is the value of a mint condition Schrade 507SC knife?

Prices can be easily found between $60.00 and $145.00 US.

What is the value of the Schrade Quail Unlimited knife numbered 296Y?

What is the price of Case Quail UnlimitedGrand Slam Series 249/300 1989

What is the value of a Paul Bear Bryant knife with signature on blade and side profile on ivory handle made around 1981 by Schrade came in a burgundy case?

a lot

What is the value of Schrade Scrimshaw Sharp Finger No 152?

It depends on the year and condition. Most of the older ones are valued somewhere around $125 but true value is only what someone is willing to pay for it. I purchased mine much cheaper than that and imagine you could find them for between $60 and $120. -Duncan

Schrade knife value model 171uh Where can I find it?

You can find American made, and new production (Made in China) listed on Ebay. Be very careful if looking for 'USA' made. Best to do a little research online. Lots of info on this knife out there.