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Hey bud,

Well I myself am a collector of these items, and purchasing these currently within the year of 2012, so I will give you rough prices for this year onwards.

The first thing we need to find out though, is what year and what set the un-cut cards are from ? Find out if it is from a Marvel universe, or a Marvel Masterpieces set.

Once you find the year, and the set it is from; You would need to establish whether it is a promotional page, something like 4-9 cards un-cut, or whether it is an entire un-cut press sheet. A press sheet could hold something up to around 100+ cards sometimes and are alot rarer usually.

Promotional pages are usually very cheap, and we're seen at places like comic-con, or perhaps as a dealer incentive or advertisement upon the sets release. Un-cut press sheets are really cool, as they are usually very rare.

Promo sheets for marvel cards around 1992-1994 will range anywhere between 99cents - $30 ? roughly. UN-cut press sheets for 1992, 1993, 1994 range anywhere between $50 - $175.

Promo cards for the year 2000+ are quite cheap, no higher than $15 usually. Un-cut sheets $50-$150.

If it is the 1995 marvel masterpieces un-cut press sheet, or 1996 marvel masterpieces un-cut press sheet. They will be worth a very high amount. I found a 1995 recently, and it was the only one I've seen on E-bay the last year. I would pay up to $500+ for that item.

It's very hard to pinpoint exact item worth. You will need to find out the exact set, and then one can determine its rarity and price. I hope the ranges I gave you have helped a little bit =S

If it is anything a bit more vintage perset from before 1990, I am really unsure of prices for those, but they would be pretty high and rare.

Kind Regards, Andrew.

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Q: How much would a sheet of uncut Marvel Comics cards be worth?
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