Do fairy's talk like people

Updated: 10/5/2023
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yes they do talk like humans

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Q: Do fairy's talk like people
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How can you talk to fairy?

you can not talk to fairys because they are not real ! dummy !

Are Pixes like Fairys?

Yes, but a bit pixie like. Fairys are fair and pixies are a bit naughty.

Can people be fairys?

yes they can if they belive

Why are fairies a mystery?

Fairys don't like when people know about them. There is a legend of how that got started, but I'm not sure how it goes.

What do fairys feel like?

They have skin, so they feel like us

What sites are like Disney fairys com?

Pixie Hollow is similar.

What is a fairys behavior like?

Fairies are known to be mischievous, playful, and sometimes temperamental. They can also be kind and gentle, especially towards nature and animals. Fairies are believed to be connected to the natural world and are known to protect it fiercely.

Do fairys lye?

They could do it they wanted to. Although some people say that fairies cannot tell lies. Like in Holly Blacks Ironside book.

You people do not know if fairys exsite?

No body knows , maybe far far away there are ,

Do people like fairys?

In general they don't because faeries like to torment and kind of torture people for fun.

What does a white guy talk like?

White people talk to where people can understand them

What do fairys sound like?

When Fairies communicate, they sound like normal people, like you and I, but when we hear them talking, it sounds like bells, like the bells you may hear at Christmas time, from Santa's sleigh. I hope this was helpful. See you later!