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Ducks and geese are waterfowl; this means it's raining very hard.

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Q: What does it mean when someone says its duck and goose weather?
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What does duck duck goose mean bad song?

Duck duck means germs and goose means pee

Does duck duck goose have anything to do with scaffolding?

If by scaffolding you mean birds, and by birds you mean fish, and by fish you mean trees, and by trees you mean treason, and by treason you'll go to prison............................................................................................................... then no.

What is fois grois?

If you mean foie gras it's the liver of a super fattened duck or goose. A luxury product in France.

What would it mean if someone called you a goose?

It means they are a bully

What does calling someone a goose mean?

Being called a goose would be like being called a little silly.

What does it mean if someone calls you a duck?

it means you are supposed to duck cos they might be throwing something at you

What does the idiom to cook your own goose mean?

When someone's goose is cooked, it means that the person is doomed. If I have cooked my own goose, it means my failure or downfall is my own fault.

What does it mean to goose someone?

To "goose" someone is to pinch them on the buttocks. It's usually done as a form of surprise and/or humour(although it can be done purposely and repeatedly as an erotic act of foreplay), and comes from the fact that this action is similar to the way that the protective-but-toothless goose will nip at a person and start to chase them.

What does it mean when a British person calls someone a duck?

This is mostly heard of in the centre and western England as well as Wales. To call someone a duck is the same as calling them 'love' or 'dear'. For example: 'Oh I'm sorry duck, I didn't see you there'. You might refer to a child as a duckling instead of a duck.

What is the meaning of whats good for the goose isn't always good for the gander?

A female goose is called a goose. A male goose is called a gander. This statement is simply saying that different sexes prefer different things. Just because someone likes something doesn't mean other people will.

What does it mean when someone calls you a wild duck?

It means you are thinking or doing something outside the box - outside normal behavior. You are being a "wild duck" instead of a tame duck. Not necessarily bad, depends on the context of how it was used.

Goose Is Loose what does this mean?

getting smashed of grey goose vodka