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the baby will most likely outgrow

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Q: If you have a cousin who has just had a baby You go for a visit and notice that the baby has crossed eyes When your cousin notices you looking at the eyes she tells you that she wants the baby to hav?
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If a ham turns old is it a physical or chemical change?

When ham get "old" (ie rots or degrades), it undergoes both a chemical and a physical change. Microbes break down the meat into energy they can use and in turn leave their metabolic wastes (ie a biochemical change). When a person notices a ham after it has been sitting on a shelf for several week, that person will notice that the color, shape, smell, and taste (if they are brave) of the ham has changed. Thus the changes are both chemical and physical

Why are there two adjustment knobs on the microscope?

There are two adjustment knobs (coarse and fine) on a microscope so you can move the stage at two different speeds. The coarse moves a lot per revolution, while the fine adjustment knob moves the stage at such small increments that it is nearly impossible to notice when looking from the side. The coarse adjustment knob should be used to get the stage closer to the lens only while you are looking at the microscope from the side. The fine adjustment knob can be used when you are looking into the microscope because there is a much lower chance of running the stage into the lens and breaking it.

When you notice someone has unusually blue eyes are you noticing their genotype?

No Phenotype

How is it possible to fill three test tubes with air?

Close the top. Air is all around us, if you didn't notice. Close the top. Air is all around us, if you didn't notice.

When feeding a patient you notice they cough after swallowing and have a runny nose What should you do?


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If you have a cousin who has just had a baby. You go for a visit and notice that the baby has crossed eyes. When your cousin notices you looking at the eyes she tells you that she wants the baby to ha?

the baby will most likely outgrow

What is the plural of notice?

The plural of notice is notices. As in "nobody notices the wet floor sign".

Is the word notice a collective noun?

No, the noun 'notice' is not a collective noun.A collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole in a descriptive way; for example, a stack of notices, a series of notices, a posting of notices, etc.The word 'notice' is also a verb: notice, notices, noticing, noticed.

What is the plural of notice of appeal?

Notices of appeal.

What do you notice of the two molicules?

Your teacher wants to know what YOU notice, not what some random person on the internet notices. Besides, you never said which two molecules you're looking at so we have no idea.

What is the suffix of notice?

what is the prefix of notice

What is the verb for notice?

Notice is already a verb because it can be used to describe an action. As in "to notice".Notices, noticing and noticed are also verbs.Some example sentences for you are:"I notice she is missing"."Bill notices the tree has gone"."I can't help noticing that there is a tree on your car"."I noticed her right away".

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It can be. If it's a noun, as in "He tacked the notices on the corkboard" then yes. If it's a verb, as in "John notices the dog in the kitchen" then it's singular.

What are notices used for?

To alert the people that may be walking past where the notices are, that something should be known, more specifically, the something that's written on the notice/notices.

What is the maximum days limit to answer a legal notice?

It depends on the notice and jurisdiction. Most notices say on the notice how long you have to respond.

Is notices an abstract noun?

The noun 'notices' is the plural form of 'notice'; a warning, an announcement, attention, or an observation. The noun notice is a concrete or abstract noun depending on use. Concrete: The notices that Friday will be a half day have been posted in all classrooms. Abstract: Going by the notices of admirers, her workout routine is paying off.

Advantages of a notice board?

you are able to display posters and notices for the public to read

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