Your wiper starts and stops in wrong place?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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depending on the make and modle, could be wiper module, linkage,

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Q: Your wiper starts and stops in wrong place?
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What is wrong when a toro recycler starts and runs for a bout 15 seconds and stops?

Could be a plugged fuel filter.

Engine starts and runs for a few seconds and then stops this keeps happening and engine won't keep running What is wrong?

Fuel pump

What if your period starts then stops then start again what could possible be wrong?

I dunno what the problem is but I have it and can't figure it out...I'm thinking I might have a damaged ligament or something might be wrong with my ovary....

What is wrong when a Swamp cooler stops working and then starts working again?

The drive belt is too loose. Tighten the belt. (but not too tight!)

What wrong if your windshield wiper does not move?

its broken......

What is wrong when the wiper blades do not work on a Chevy Corsica?

wiper motor or the bolts holding it tight.

What is wrong if a 1998 Chevy Blazer starts but stops when the RPMs are lower and then dies and may or may not restart?

it is propaly you fuel pump i had the same problem

What is wrong when your period starts and stops in less than thirty minutes?

that probably is your first period, or the start of it. If you have had unprotected sex though you should get checked out.

What happens if your menstrual cycle starts and stops that same day?

check with your doctor. u might have an infection or something else could seriously be wrong

Why Does My Harley-Davidson cuts out then runs fine?

Because there's something wrong with the motor that starts and stops. Try taking a look at it yourself, or take it to a mechanic. They will be avle to figure out whats wrong and fix it.

How do you calm down your lovebird when it starts biting?

To calm down your lovebird when it starts biting, you have to say no in a firm voice. This shows them that what they are doing is wrong. Once it stops biting start talking to it in a soothing voice once again.

What is wrong if the fuse blows when you use the rear wiper on a 1994 Astra?

When a electrical motor ages it starts to draw more current than the circuit can handle and the fuse blows. I suspect you will need to replace your wiper motor. Do check all the wires/connections going into the motor first.