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Your license can be suspended if you are in a certain number of points for traffic offense on the point system.

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Q: Your license can be what if you are in a certain number of points for traffic offense on the point system?
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What if your license can be if you earn a certain number of points for traffic offenses on the point system?

Every driver who obtains a license must drive safely to keep it. If you break the traffic laws or become an unsafe driver, your license can be taken away. It can be suspended, revoked, or canceled. Your license can be SUSPENDED if you: � Make a fraudulent driver license application. � Allow your license to be used for a purpose that is against the law. � Are convicted in a traffic court and the court orders that your license be suspended. � Refuse to take a test to show if you are driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. � Misuse a restricted license. � Earn a certain number of points for traffic offenses on the point system. � Break a traffic law and fail to pay your fine or appear in court as directed. � Fail to pay child support. � Fail to carry insurance on your vehicle. � Fail to stop for a school bus. � Use tobacco if you are under age. � Retail theft.

When your Tn driver's license are suspended when you have them reinstated are you issued a new driver's license number?

In Tn when your driver's license is suspended and them reinstated, your driver's license number remains the same. Depending on the offense, you may receive a new license card with updated information with the same number one was originally issued.

Is a DUI considered a felony or serious offense?

In most states, a standard DUI is a misdemeanor offense up until a certain number of repeat offenses.

Can a traffic ticket be thrown out it the officer wrote the wrong drivers license number on it in Wisconsin?

Yes, it can!

Name something the police make note of on a traffic ticket?

Speed Age Person's Name License Plate Number Drivers License Time

Does Arizon have a reciprocity agreement for traffic violations with Massachusetts?

All traffic violations are connected to all states. There is a computer system that pulls up your violations that is connected to both your license number and your social security number.

Is a DUI a felony in the US?

A DUI is a misdemeanor, but in most states the offense will become a felony after a certain number of offenses. This number varies from state to state.

Define prior offense record?

A prior offense record is an official listing of all the crimes a person has committed. After a certain number of years, some lesser crimes can be removed from a person's record.

What if license number and birth date are incorrect on traffic violation?

If the information is not enough to clearly identify the person accused it will likely be dismissed.

Where can one find a license plate number?

License plate numbers are found on license plates. License plates are commonly found on the front and back fenders of a car. They can be found on the trunk of certain car models as well.

What if you sell cars for profit with no license?

You can sell up to a certain number of vehicles without a license. This varies from state to state. In some states if you sell even 1 for profit you need a license.

Can a city police officer take ones license?

This is a local question. Generally speaking the license is actually property of the state that issues it and may be held for any number of reasons.Licenses are often kept if the license is not valid, if you are arrested for a traffic crime requiring license suspension, or if the license is held in lieu of bail.