Your floorboard is wet after it rains?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One reason your floorboard is wet after it rains is that there may be rust holes in the floor or the floor pans are rusted out. A leak in the windshield seal may also be the cause of wet floorboards. Bad door seals or window seals can allow water to soak the floorboards when it rains.

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Q: Your floorboard is wet after it rains?
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When it rains the inside is wet on the floor.the driver side and passenger do you stop it?

Check to see if your floorboard is rusted through. If it is patch it.

Why when it rains does the driver side floorboard become wet in a Oldsmobile Acheiva?

check around your window on that side sometimes they will separateand you will have to have it fixed

Why do you get water on floor board of my pickup truck get wet when it rains 1998 dodge sport?

Since it happens only when it rains, it would suggest a few possibilities. Look for these:Bad window or door seals.Bad windshield seal.Holes in the floorboard or firewall, especially near the wheelwells.

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